It’s not just our bodies that require care and protection during the winter season, our vehicles too require the same protection. Our motorcycles require extra care during harsh cold climates as winters can damage our motorcycles. 

here are  Best tips to take care of your motorcycle in winter:

   1. Put Covers On Motorcycle

tips to take care of your motorcycle use Yamaha Bike Cover

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Just like you need sweaters, your bike needs covers, particularly if they’re parked outside, within the open. Clean your bike dry, make certain there’s no moisture and then cover your bike. Water repellent sprays can help you keep your bike dry.  you’ll be able to get the covers anyplace and that they are quite affordable.

 2. Take Care Of Your Battery

tips to take care of your motorcycle's battery

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The only maintenance sealed dry batteries need is charging. However if you have got the old-style batteries, you have to be careful. Low temperature can increase the risk of fluids within the battery. If the fluid thickens, the present flow within the battery gets discontinuous . In easier words, the bike can take longer to start. Make sure the battery doesn’t get affected from the cold and keep the terminals clean.

 3. Use Anti-freeze

tips to take care of your motorcycle use Yamaha Yamalube coolant

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Throughout winter, the water within the radiator will freeze and also the engine might take forever to start out. Anti-freeze is your solution for this. Readymade coolants and anti-freeze are easily available in the markets and are not very expensive as well. 

  4. Take Care Of Your Fuel

tips to take care of your motorcycle use Yamaha Yamalube Oil

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 Keep replacing the oil from time to time because old oil can affect the engine. It’s going to cost you some money, however it’s better than having an engine that doesn’t work properly. Using good quality oil is suited best for winters. 

  5. Lubricate Chain And alternative Moving Parts 

Yamaha Lubricate Chain And alternative Moving Parts

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Lubricating chain and alternative moving elements can make sure the sleek running of your bike. The said parts can get rusty and if they do, they’ll not work properly. Rather than applying a large quantity of lubricator all at once, apply in smaller quantities. The perfect time is when the bike can sit still. It’ll allow the substances to fill the gaps. you’ll be able to use anti-rust sprays that are easily available in the market.

  6. Do not forget the tyre

bike tyre

 In winter, a fall in the temperature will cause a call the tyre pressure. you need to keep a check on the tyre when you’re taking your bike out on the road. Take a tyre modification if you are feeling needed.